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Kim speaks at events around the country.  If you need a keynote or a full retreat speaker, here are a few of her topics.
Redeeming the Season: Christmas Event
   featuing Kim Wier & Pam McCune


Getting Engaged: Saying Yes when God pops the question.


The Art of Friendship

We have more connections than any generation in the history of the world, and yet we are lonelier. The answer is not more connections, but deeper ones that mirror God himself as the original friend. Friendship is at the heart a spiritual pursuit because our Creator made us to be a friend and have friends. Kim takes women on a journey to discover the true Art of Friendship which involves knowing God better, knowing and loving yourself rightly and making room for true life sharing friendships. This message is life changing for women, for women's ministries and for the Church. 

Dr. Jeckyl & Mrs. Wierd

Controlling the monstrous "old self" through the transformation of the Spirit to the "new self."

Law of the Jungle: Forgive

What happens when people enslaved to bitterness and vengeance are set free by forgiveness. Lessons and stories from the Amazon Jungle to the Gates of Heaven. 

Are You Talking to Me? 

Learning to hear God in the midst of life's distractions and finding the courage to follow where He calls. 

Redeeming the Season

Based on their Focus on the Family Book, coauthors Kim Wier and Pam McCune together present a transforming alternative to Christmas as usual. With content that appeals to every age and season, they share stories and ideas that can bring every family a meaningful and memorable Christmas.


This holiday presentation if filled with humor and energy. It is perfect to kick off your Christmas season - and it is a great event for reaching out to friends and neighbors.

Redeeming the Season events can be presented from a 1-2 hours format.

God Sees

No matter what grief we carry, no matter what guild we hide, no matter how unseen we feel, GOD SEES - but He also cares, provides, and redeems. He did it for Hagar and others, He will do it for us. 

That's the Spirit

Discover who and what the Holy Spirit is with this journey from Genesis to Revelation. When you really know Him, your whole life will change. 

Spiritual Spanx

Discovering and putting on the truths that smooth out the bumps and lumps that make up life. Together we uncover the secrets that help us hold it all together no matter what weight we have been carrying. 

Want to invite Kim? Please share the details and we will get back with you.
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