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A lot like you...


You can see from our family picture that I am the mom of grown kids - who are now having kids. I am still a busy mom, now in the "advising when asked" role. I'm Kimmy to five grands - and a busy working woman.


I'm sandwiched between a growing family and growing older parents. I have a kind and funny husband who has been my partner in this life for 36 years and who is thrilled we are finally empty nesters. 

Like you, I am on the journey of being God's woman in the 21st century.  It involves joys and struggles, heartbreaks and triumphs.  It is both hard and delightful.  It takes incredible strength and the ability to embrace our weaknesses. 


Being a woman is the most blessed position in all creation - but being God's woman is the most privileged. 


I believe this so passionately that I write about it, teach about it and speak about it every chance I get. 


As a writer, Bible teacher, speaker, and radio and podcast host, I share my passion of engaging women in a transforming relationship with God, because from there, everything else makes sense. That is my experience. 


Professionally, I've authored six books, written more than 1500 newspaper columns, hosted talk radio  for 17 years, interviewed over 2000 influencers, and traveled the country engaging women with the Word of God and each other as an event speaker.  


I believe humor restores, the Word of God redeems and friendship revives. Those are the things worth sharing - so that is what I share.   

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