Are you ready to spend a year with God? 

We will do it together one day at a time.


The simple habit of spending a few minutes every day hearing from God will change your life. I don't say "can" but  "will" because God is faithful.  It doesn't matter what our need, what our mess or even if we are eager to hear from Him. His Word is alive  - it's sharp like a sword, it reveals the intentions and the motives of every heart, it discloses the heart and mind of God himself!  And He promises it won't return to Him empty - but that it will accomplish what He desires.  Pretty awesome, huh? All we have to do is listen. 


To spur on the conversation you will have with God start with our short Daily Devotional. Every day you will get some scriptures to read and a few thoughts to help you focus on hearing what God has to say. To make it easy, you only need to subscribe to the Daily Devotional and it will come to you. Or if you prefer you can return here everyday and follow the link below.  

Before you know it, change will happen, inside and out!






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