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A 365-Day Devotional for people who don't do devotionals. 

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THE ART OF FRIENDSHIP CREATING AND KEEPING RELATIONSHIPS THAT MATTER - Friending doesn't have to be so hard. We don't have to be so lonely!

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PODCAST - NEW EPISODE WEEKLY - Join Kim and guests  for engaging talk and practical wisdom on building relationships that matter. 

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Because nothing is better than being surrounded by estrogen, Kim travels to share words of life, humor and hope with God's marvelous sisters in Christ. 

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Talking about how to make faith real in the everydayness of life. If it isn't making a difference in the little things, it won't make a difference in the big things. 



The secret to life is found in the Life-givers pages of God's Word. Join Kim reading through the Bible. Subscribe to her DAILY BIBLE DEVO .


I'm so glad you stopped by. I've been wanting to talk to you. You are thinking that sounds crazy because I don't know you. But I know more than you think.  

I know you have been juggling a lot of plates in your life. I know you have challenging relationships to navigate. I know you have questions about what comes next in life. I know there are times when you could use someone to talk to.  I know because that is my life too!

As women, we live demanding, complicated and tiring lives. But we also live joyful, exciting and curious lives. Face it, we are complicated creatures.  

The great news is that our Creator knows us better than we know ourselves. Sticking close to Him is the best way to navigate the paths we tread. My joy is to remind you that He also wants us to stick close to each other. 

I hope you will invite me along. There is so much I want to share with you, both as a sister traveler and as one who has traveled a few roads already. 

You can take me along in the books I've written to you, or through the radio archives I stored for you, or in the new ART OF FRIENDSHIP PODCAST I host. I especially hope you will take me with you every day through the DAILY BIBLE BLOG that will help us both stick close to the Friend who sticks close to us.  

Please explore all the feature on these pages. And if you subscribe, I will keep in touch with weekly encouragement and updates. 

Perhaps we will even get a chance to meet should your women's ministry leader invite me to share with your group.  

Until then, I'm glad you're here!


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